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Modest Tattoos

in Good Company

History of Kruununhaka's Oldest


Eventhough we do like to consider ourselves as a pretty classic tattoo studio, there’s still so much more to it. Krunikan Leima is a home to Musta Agency, an illustration and design agency creating number of band merchadise from T-shirts to Album Covers for artists such as Amoprhis, Myrkur and Battle Beast, but also music videos and band photography. We also do lots of publication design from books to magazines and from within our walls magazines such as Image and Mikrobitti have got their visual design and art direction.
It is Art and Design in all forms that drives us forward.

The Very First

in Kruna

Back in 2015 when we came to Kruununhaka (or Kruna) there were no tattoo studios around, but within the next few years half a dozen studios found their way here.  Our original crew incuded Elisabet Waris, Parn Zanco and Ilari Musta and we were located on Unioninkatu 45.

The Infamous


In 2018 we moved to a bigger studio with bigger crew as well. Klaudia Kujansuu had started as an apprentice couple years earlier and Jesse Lahtinen, Kirill Shum and Ilja Erävalo (that hippie in the photo) were new additions to the team. Our shop manager Evy Mänty in the middle. The new Atelier-like studio was located in Kristianinkatu 15, but it turned out to be freezing cold and not best suited for tattooing.

The Year of


Krunikan Leima moved to it’s current location in Snellmaninkatu 15 back in 2019 and within a year the global Covid-19 pandemia started. The supertalented illustrator and tattoo artist Tuomas Valtanen (left) joined our Crew of Resident Artists in the beginning of 2020. We also had brief visits by Kurtis Weaver, Andrea Galimberti, Elena Mignani and a shop manager Jaime Walker during 2020.

2021 and BEYOND

In Krunikan Leima we have always wanted to be part of the global tattoo scene. We have traveled around the world doing guest spots, but also participating on tattoo conventions but most of all, we have wanted to offer good studio with great atmosphere to traveling artists from all over the world. Krunikan Leima has hosted top artists like Monika Boo, Fuki Fukari, Candy Ink and Evil Yvonne and we definitely want to continue offering premium guest spots to new and old artists alike.

We are looking for new Guest Artists all the time. Check more information in